Top Choice Museum in Banaue

Museum of Cordillera Sculpture

This museum showcases a collection of Ifugao woodcarvings, and what a collection it is! Ritual objects and antique bulol line the vast hall, among displays of weaponry, fertiltiy carvings and smoked human skulls att…
Museum in Banaue

Banaue Museum

The Banaue View Inn runs the Banaue Museum, which contains books written decades ago by anthropologist Otley Beyer and Igorot artefacts collected by his son William, with jewellery, weaponry, traditional dress and h…
Landmark in Banaue


It’s a 10-minute tricycle ride up to the viewpoint (return P220), which is the best place to observe Banaue’s terraces. The ‘viewpoint’ actually consists of four viewpoints lining the road to Bontoc at 200m interval…