Top Choice Zoo in Bacolod

Negros Forests & Ecological Foundation

A zoo with a difference, the Negros Forests & Ecological Foundation seeks to preserve endangered animals endemic to Negros. It houses mostly birds, including an extraordinary collection of rare and colourful hor…
Historic Building in Bacolod


Set on lovely manicured grounds surrounded by sugar plantations, the Ruins is an early-20th-century Italianate mansion originally built by a local sugar magnate in honor of his deceased wife. During World War II, US…
Museum in Bacolod

Dizon Ramos Museum

At first you might think it is a moving sale, but this unpretentious and oddly affecting museum will win you over with its hysterically curated collection of family hobbies. Holy land trinkets? Ceramic horses? Cr…
Museum in Bacolod

Negros Museum

Houses an eclectic collection, from a room dedicated to the sugar industry to one containing toys from around the world. Don't miss the fake cannons used to scare the Spanish, including coconut cannonballs. It also…
Park in Bacolod

Capitol Park & Lagoon

The city's central gathering place is worth a stroll, particularly on weekends, when it's a popular picnic spot. Bring some food for the resident tilapia.
Cathedral in Bacolod

San Sebastian Cathedral