Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours in Philippines
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Tour description

You are likely sitting in a chair right now. Imagine if your chair rose to 150 meters (500 feet) or more above a large body of water. Instead of a TV, your view now includes a 360-degree panorama of seascapes and tropical island landscapes. This is how para-sailing feels. A para-sail lifts you high into the air, buoyed by air flow generated by a motorboat.

Soon after you board your motorboat, we will give you a safety briefing. We will then fit you with a life jacket and a harness. After we connect you to the parasail, you will begin to rise into the air. There is no pull; the lift is gentle. At one moment you are sitting on the back of your boat, and at the next moment you are in the air.You will continue to rise until your peak altitude. There, you will not only see nearby islands, but you will also see over those islands to the islands behind them. And the silence will amaze you. If you choose a tandem flight, you can carry on a clear conversation with your partner.At the end of your flight, you will descend to boat level. After a quick, refreshing splash in the water, you will rise for the landing. The landing is as gentle as the takeoff. At one moment you are in the air, and the next moment you are sitting on the back of the boat. All that remains is to check out the photos we took for you!

What's included

  • Local taxes
  • towel
  • life jacket
  • locker use
  • hot shower

What's not included

  • Drinks