Top things to do in The Khyber Pass

Mosque in The Khyber Pass

Ali Masjid

Near the narrowest point of the pass, about 15km from Jamrud, is Ali Masjid. Above the mosque, Ali Masjid Fort commands a view over this strategic sector of the pass. A small cemetery here contains the graves of Bri…
Fortress in The Khyber Pass

Jamrud Fort

About 18km east of Peshawar is Jamrud Fort, built by the Sikhs in 1823 to mark the western edge of their empire (one of the few to expand westward to the Khyber). Its trademark stone arch (built in the 1960s) over t…
Buddhist Site in The Khyber Pass

Sphola Stupa

In a broad valley by the village of Zarai, is the ruined Sphola Stupa. On a promontory overlooking the road, it dates from Kushan times, an incongruous and oddly poignant reminder of the region's Gandharan past.
Fortress in The Khyber Pass

Shahgai Fort

About 13km from Jamrud, Shahgai Fort is another British legacy, built in the 1920s, and is now occupied by the Frontier Force and closed to the public.