Grillo Tres Puntas Ecohostel

Lodge in Zorritos

Grillo Tres Puntas Ecohostel was constructed (mainly by volunteers) from natural materials such as bamboo and cane. Everything here, including water, is recycled. Breezy, rustic cabins with balconies and hammocks sit on the beach and campsites have electricity and a shade roof.

There is an artistic elevated patio fashioned from driftwood – great for sunset beers. All rooms share interesting outdoor communal bathrooms covered in mosaic tiles and seashells. Hiking to nearby mud baths can be arranged and they also run popular five-day hostal-and-camping tours that take in beaches, trekking, lagoons and mud baths and cost only S600 per person – including everything! It’s supremely rustic but pretty idyllic at the same time.