Top things to do in Yarinacocha

Top Choice Cafe in Yarinacocha

Cafe Elixir

This sort of cafe, you do not find so often in Peru let alone in Yarinacocha. Lovely coffee (the city's best), freshly squeezed juices and 100% homemade food are all served at reasonable prices. Some of the creative…
Parrilla in Yarinacocha

Parrilladas Orlando's

This parrilla (grill) place does do grilled meat every bit as wonderfully as it claims to: its smoked chicken and pork are particularly divine. That's what 45 years of experience can give you: the edge over the comp…
Peruvian in Yarinacocha

Balsa Turistica Anaconda

A pleasant restaurant built out into the lake from Yarinacocha's lakeside drag. After reaching the waterfront in Puerto Callao, it is the first restaurant along the drag to the right that is actually jutting out int…