Peru offers few conveniences for travelers with disabilities. Features such as signs in braille or phones for the hearing-impaired are virtually nonexistent, while wheelchair ramps and lifts are few and far between, and the pavement is often badly potholed and cracked. Most hotels do not have wheelchair-accessible rooms, at least not rooms specially designated as such. Bathrooms are often barely large enough for an able-bodied person to walk into, so few are accessible to wheelchairs.

Nevertheless there are Peruvians with disabilities who get around, mainly through the help of others.

Apumayo Expediciones An adventure-tour company that takes disabled travelers to Machu Picchu and other historic sites in the Sacred Valley.

Conadis Governmental agency for Spanish-language information and advocacy for people with disabilities.

Emerging Horizons ( Travel magazine for the mobility-impaired, with handy advice columns and news articles.

Mobility International Advises disabled travelers on mobility issues and runs an educational exchange program.

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