Wildlife Reserve in Túcume

Reserva Ecológica Chaparrí Wildlife

This 34,000-hectare private reserve, located 75km east of Chiclayo, was established in 2000 by the community of Santa Catalina and the famous Peruvian wildlife photographer Heinz Plenge. It offers a completely uniqu…
Archaeological Site in Túcume


This little-known archeaological site lies around 30km to the north of Lambayeque on the Panamericana. A vast area – with more than 200 hectares of crumbling walls, plazas and no fewer than 26 pyramids – it was the …
Museum in Túcume


There is a small but attractive onsite museum at Tucume that includes some interesting tidbits. Guides are available for S30.
Ruins in Túcume

Batán Grande & Chota

About halfway from Chiclayo to Chongoyape a minor road on your left leads to the Sicán ruins of Batán Grande. This is a major archaeological site where about 50 pyramids have been identified and several burials have…