Peruvian in Trujillo

Mar Picante

If you come to Trujillo without sampling this bamboo-lined seafood palace’s ceviche mixto ordered with a side of something spicy, you haven’t lived life on the edge. You’ll get raw fish, crab, scallops and onions, m…
Peruvian in Trujillo

Restaurant Demarco

An elegant choice with veteran cummerbund-bound waiters who fawn over you like in the ‘40s, this tableclothed classic offers a long list of sophisticated meat and seafood dishes along with good-value lunch specials …
Barbecue in Trujillo

El Uruguayo

Vegetarians might want to make a wide berth around this place. Located a S3 taxi ride south of town, little El Uruguayo serves up delicious barbecued meat to a nightly crowd of salivating in-the-know patrons. A mass…
Juice in Trujillo

Jugería San Augustín

You can spot this place by the near-constant lines snaking around the corner in summer as locals queue for the drool-inducing juices. But don’t leave it at that. The chicken and lechón (suckling pig) sandwiches, sla…
Peruvian in Trujillo

Restaurant Romano

This place has been around since 1951, so you know these guys have been doing something right. Whipping up a decent espresso, as well as breakfast, snacks and meals all day, the Romano is one of the most popular eat…
Breakfast in Trujillo


If you’re sick of the tiny plate of eggs your hotel is throwing at you in the morning, check out Oviedo’s long list of breakfasts – from a simple continental to a hearty criollo (spicy Peruvian fare with Spanish and…
Chinese in Trujillo

Chifa Heng Lung

Owned by a Chinese family of veteran chefs, this vaguely upscale, tasty option packs a wallop of flavorful infusion for Peruvinized palettes. The menu is a predictable list of Cantonese dishes, but very long on opti…
Peruvian in Trujillo

El Mochica

Industrially hygienic and scattered with bits of art to take the edge off, this place has a variety of midpriced steaks and seafood, as well as cheaper local dishes. There’s a snug salón de té (tea room) next door.
Cafe in Trujillo

Café Bar Museo

This locals’ favorite shouldn’t be a secret. The tall, wood-paneled walls covered in artsy posters and the classic marble-top bar feels like a cross between an English pub and a Left Bank cafe.
Desserts in Trujillo

Diet Light

This perennially busy place serves not-very-diet, but yummy nonetheless, ice cream (S2 to S5) and whopping servings of mixed fruit (S3) – with ice cream.