Dangers & Annoyances

Single women tend to receive a lot of attention from males in Trujillo – to exasperating, even harassing, levels. If untoward advances are made, firmly state that you aren’t interested. Inventing a boyfriend or husband sometimes helps get the message across.

At night it's advisable to take cabs. Ask your hotel or restaurant to find you a taxi de confianza (trustworthy cab – generally with a bubble on top). A good rule: if no women or kids are around, it's probably not safe to be walking about.

Like many other cities, the noise-pollution levels in Trujillo are high. Civic groups have attempted to protest the constant bleating of taxi horns.

Police Stations

Policía de Turismo Shockingly helpful. Tourist police wear white shirts around town and some deputies speak English, Italian and/or French.

Entry & Exit Formalities

Oficina de Migraciónes Handles visas for foreign residents and tourist visa extensions.


Changing money in Trujillo is a distinct pleasure – some of the banks are housed in well-preserved colonial buildings and all have ATMs that accept Visa and MasterCard. If lines are long, visit the casas de cambio (foreign-exchange bureaus) near Gamarra and Bolívar, which give good rates for cash.

Banco BBVA Continental Bank housed in the handsome Casa de la Emancipación.

Banco de La Nacion Bank with fee-free ATM.

BCP Bank with ATM.

Interbank Bank with ATMs.


Serpost Postal services.

Tourist Information

iPerú Provides tourist information, maps, bus schedules and a list of certified guides and travel agencies.

Local tour companies can also provide you with some basic information on the area.