Plaza de Armas

Trujillo’s spacious and spit-shined main square, surely the cleanest in the Americas and definitely one of the prettiest, hosts a colorful assembly of preserved colonial buildings and an impressive statue dedicated to work, the arts and liberty. Elegant mansions abound, including Hotel Libertador.

On Friday mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am there are 'marinera para todos' events where participants can take marinera classes (a typical coastal Peruvian dance involving much romantic waving of handkerchiefs), while on Saturday evenings performances of traditional dances from Trujillo and other departments are held.

North & West of Plaza de Armas

There are several interesting churches near the Plaza de Armas that are well worth viewing from the outside on a walking tour of the city even when they are not open for visitors: Iglesia de la Compañía, now part of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo; Iglesia de Santa Ana; Iglesia de Santo Domingo and Iglesia de Santa Clara.