Museum in Trujillo

Museo Cassinelli

This private archaeological collection housed in the basement of a Repsol gas station (the one on the west side of the intersection, not the east side) is fascinating, with some 2000 ceramic pieces on display (curat…
Historic Building in Trujillo

Casa de Urquiaga

Owned and maintained by Banco Central de la Reserva del Perú since 1972, this beautiful colonial mansion’s history dates to 1604, though the original house was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 1619. Rebuilt…
Notable Building in Trujillo

Palacio Iturregui

This bright yellow 19th-century mansion is unmistakable and impossible to ignore unless you’re color blind. Built in neoclassical style, it has beautiful window gratings, 36 slender interior columns and gold molding…
Church in Trujillo

Basilica Menor Catedral

Known simply as ‘La Catedral,’ this bright, canary-yellow church fronting the plaza was begun in 1647, destroyed in 1759, and rebuilt soon afterward. The cathedral has a famous basilica (but unless you are attending…
Museum in Trujillo

Museo de Arqueología

This well-curated museum features a rundown of Peruvian history from 12,000 BC to the present day, with an emphasis on Moche, Chimu and Inca civilizations as well as the lesser-known Cupisnique and Salinar cultures.…
Museum in Trujillo

Museo de Zoología

This museum is mainly a taxidermic collection of Peruvian animals (many so artificially stuffed they look like nightmarish caricatures of their former selves).
Historic Building in Trujillo

Casa de Mayorazgo de Facala

The 1709 Casa de Mayorazgo de Facala mansion now houses Scotiabank, and is a great example of colonial architecture.
Church in Trujillo

Iglesia de San Agustín

Iglesia de San Agustín has a finely gilded high altar and dates from 1558.
Notable Building in Trujillo

Casa Ganoza Chopitea

Northeast of the cathedral, this c 1735 mansion, also known as Casa de los Léones, is considered to be the best preserved mansion of the colonial period in Trujillo. The details are stunning, from the elaborate gate…
Square in Trujillo

Plaza de Armas

Trujillo's spacious and fetching main square hosts an impressive statue dedicated to work, the arts and liberty. The plaza is fronted by the cathedral, begun in 1647, destroyed in 1759, and rebuilt soon afterward. T…