Top things to do

in Peru

Servicio Aerofotográfico Nacional

The Servicio Aerofotográfico Nacional, at Las Palmeras Air Force base in Surco, sells aerial photographs. Don’t wear shorts when you go there, take a passport and expect a two-week waiting period for prints. Some ae…
in North Coast

Reserva Nacional Lomas de Lachay

Reserva Nacional Lomas de Lachay is a 5070-hectare natural reserve where moisture from coastal mists has created a unique microenvironment of dwarf forest, which conceals a plethora of small animals and birds. The p…
in North Coast


Further north, the village of Huaura, opposite Huacho, is where José de San Martín proclaimed Peru’s independence. Ask for someone to show you the building where it occurred. There is an inconsequential museum and a…
in North Coast

Temples of the Sun and the Moon

The Temples of the Sun and the Moon are more than 700 years older than Chan Chan and are attributed to the Moche period. They are on the south bank of the Río Moche, about 10km southeast of Trujillo by a rough road.…
in North Coast

Huaca Rayada

This archaeological site was discovered by huaqueros from the nearby hamlet of Sipán. When local archaeologist Dr Walter Alva saw a huge influx of intricate objects on the black market in early 1987, he realized tha…
Arts Center in Around Lima

Ichimay Wari

Lurín is a working-class enclave 50km south of Central Lima on the Panamericana. At its southern edge, crafts collective Ichimay Wari has its studios. Here, talented artisans from Ayacucho produce traditional retabl…
Archaeological Site in Around Cuzco


In a sheltered spot about 300m from the main road, this site consists of a beautifully wrought ceremonial stone bath channeling crystalline spring water through fountains that still function today. It is thus popula…
Peruvian in North of Chavín

Zazón Andino

Conveniently located on the plaza, this small family-run affair manages to churn out some decent menu items.
Arts Center in Cuzco & the Sacred Valley

Chiquity Club Activity Center

This excellent children’s activity center offers a great way for young families to decompress. The brainchild of a bilingual Waldorf-trained teacher, this multifaceted space includes covered play areas, a climbing w…
Canyon in Peru

Cañón del Cotahuasi

This remote canyon is the deepest known canyon in the world - around twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, with stretches dropping down to below 3500m (11,480ft). While the depths of the ravine are only accessible to…