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LC Peru operates daily flights, Monday to Saturda, between Tingo and Lima.

Bus & Taxi

Transport here mostly serves Lima and destinations in between, such as Huánuco, as well as local villages and Pucallpa. The road between Tingo and Pucallpa can be risky and is best done in daylight.

Buses to Lima (S50 to S70, 11 to 12 hours) are operated, among others, by Transportes León de Huánuco. Buses usually leave at 7am or 7pm. Some operators, also including León de Huánuco and Turismo Central, go to Pucallpa (S20, nine hours). A faster service to Pucallpa is with Turismo Ucayali which has colectivos (shared transportation; S45, 4 ½ hours).

From around the gas station on Av Raymondi near the León de Huánuco bus terminal, colectivos depart to Huánuco (S20, 2½ to three hours) and other destinations. Minivans do the same journey from the same place for about S5 less.

Huallaga Express has cars north to Tocache (S40, three to four hours) and eventually Tarapoto (S95, nine hours). Tarapoto vehicles go direct if there’s the demand but normally you’ll have to change at Tocache or Janjui or both. Do this journey only in daylight, and only if you must.