Top things to do in Tarma

Top Choice Fusion in Tarma

Daylo Cocina Peruana-Fusion

With one stylish opening, Daylo has whirled Tarma's eating scene from the culinary-wasteland category up into refined dining. Food in this intimately designed venue veers away from traditional Peruvian, but doesn't …
Religious Site in Tarma

El Señor de Muruhuay

This white shrine visible on a hill 1.5km from Acobamba is one of Peru’s top pilgrimage sites, built around a rock etching of Christ crucified. A small chapel replaced the previous roughly thatched hut at the site i…
Archaeological Site in Tarma


The best known of the myriad archaeological ruins near Tarma, this was the capital of the Taruma culture and later a major Inca administrative center. The fairly extensive remains include storehouses, palaces and an…
Workshop in Tarma

San Pedro de Cajas

Peaceful San Pedro, some 40km into the hills from Tarma, is the production center for the country’s finest tapices (tapestries). Most of the village is involved in making these high-quality and highly regarded woven…
Religious in Tarma

Semana Santa

Many processions are held in Tarma during Holy Week, including several by candlelight after dark. They culminate on the morning of Easter Sunday with a marvelous procession to the cathedral along an 11-block route e…
Peruvian in Tarma

Hacienda La Florida Restaurant

This courtyard restaurant serves divine homemade Peruvian-German food that you can enjoy in a peaceful farm setting. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, though customers not staying at the hacienda need to reserve i…
Cafe in Tarma

Coffee & Friends

The best coffee and cakes in town. Sometimes also open in the morning on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Ruin in Tarma


A dramatic hilltop testament to both the power of the pre-Inca peoples and the extent to which their cultures are barely known about. The buildings here, of which there are many, are two or three tiers high, and bea…
Observatory in Tarma

Astronomical Observatory

A small astronomical observatory above Hospedaje Central takes advantage of Tarma's high-elevation location, where the clear nights of June, July and August provide ideal opportunities for stargazing (though the sur…
Cave in Tarma

Gruta de Huagapo

This huge limestone cave ranks among Peru’s largest subterranean systems. A proper descent into the Gruta de Huagapo requires caving equipment and experience: tourist facilities consist only of a few ropes. The cave…