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Edatur Has good services down to the jungle, with San Ramón, La Merced and Satipo served about hourly.

Los Canarios The best option for going to Huancayo, with small buses (S10, three hours) via Jauja (S7, two hours) leaving almost hourly from 5am to 6pm from their own separate terminal.

Other Transport

On either side of the gas station at the intersection of Lima, Vienrich and Castilla, colectivo (shared transportation) taxis take up to four passengers to Lima (S50 each) or to local destinations such as Junín and La Oroya (S15). If you want to go to Cerro de Pasco (S25, about four hours, change for onward services to Huánuco), you can take colectivos from here, too, though you might have to change at El Cruce (the crossroads of the Tarma and La Oroya–Cerro de Pasco roads).

For colectivos to Huancayo (S20) the departure point is a bit more orderly, opposite the entrance to Terminal Terrestre (on the other side of the chicken restaurant).

From Estadio Unión (a mototaxi here costs S2), Amazon-bound vehicles head via Acobamba (S2, 10 minutes) down to San Ramón and La Merced. The journey to La Merced is spectacular, dropping about 2.5km vertically to the jungle in the space of just over an hour. For destinations beyond La Merced, change at La Merced's convenient bus terminal.

Colectivos for Gruta de Huagapo (S8) and San Pedro de Cajas (S9) leave from the northern end of Moquegua.