Nature Reserve in Tarapoto

Alto Shilcayo

Just 3km from downtown Tarapoto lies this section of the Aréa de Conservación Regional Cordillera Escalera, which protects dense jungle around the upper Río Shilcayo. The zone is populated by monkeys and many bird s…
Museum in Tarapoto

Museo Regional

This tiny museum next to the university has archaeological pieces from around the region.
Waterfall in Tarapoto

Cataratas de Ahuashiyacu

This 40m waterfall is about 45 minutes from Tarapoto toward Yurimaguas. There’s a small restaurant nearby and a locally favored swimming spot. Four-hour tours cost around S35 per person. It's possible to reach the e…
Village in Tarapoto


This town, a short drive from Tarapoto, is remarkable in the way that it is split into two distinct halves with mestizo (person of mixed indigenous and Spanish descent) residents positioned on the upper plateau whil…
Lake in Tarapoto

Laguna Azul

Also called Laguna de Sauce, this popular local spot is reached by crossing the Río Huallaga, 45km away, on a vehicle raft ferry and continuing by car for another 45 minutes. Day tours (S85 per person, minimum two p…
Village in Tarapoto


This small village is famed throughout the region for its elegant pottery. It has artisanal workshops, a small museum showcasing pre-Inca funerary urns, and a port on the Río Huallaga with great fishing. Nearby is t…