Top Choice European in Tacna

Café Da Vinci

There’s a Euro-feel to the food and decor in this wood-paneled domain where well-dressed wait staff give out Mona Lisa smiles along with menus that highlight fabulous baguettes, pizzas, generous glasses of dry red w…
Peruvian in Tacna

Sabor Latino

You’ll almost always find every table taken at this bustling cafe, which has lazy tropical ceiling fans and a spicy Latin soundtrack. It’s especially recommended for filling set lunches and dinners and Andean specia…
Peruvian in Tacna

La Limón

With its own private entryway guarded by modelesque staff, this courtyard restaurant is vacant at times. On the innovative menu are traditional Peruvian dishes done with fusion flair, accompanied by a top-notch Sout…
Vegetarian in Tacna


This is a cheap vegetarian chifa in a rickety old building that somehow manages to deny the passing of time, but with a menu that offers gluten-free options. Just look for the sign with Chinese characters outside.
Cafe in Tacna

Café Verdi

Verdi’s an old-school cafe with baked goods and desserts, as well as affordable fixed lunches served at perennially busy tables. Half the clientele looks as if they’ve been coming here for 50 years. They probably ha…
Peruvian in Tacna

La Huerta

In the suburb of Pocollay, La Huerta is a pleasant outdoor place with uproarious birdsong and a terrace with vine-covered trellising and live music some afternoons.
Italian in Tacna

La Mia Mama

This little Italian joint is a great place to sip a glass of vino de chacra (local table wine) over one of the menu’s classic pizzas or pastas. Tables fill up quickly.
International in Tacna


A post-modern resto-bar that looks like it has drifted across from Arica, Chile. Food is presented with artistic panache in an interior that is more nightclub than restaurant. Cocktails abound.
Fusion in Tacna

Uros Restaurante

Tacna’s stab at novoandina (Peruvian nouvelle cuisine) avoids too many pretensions, if you can get past the (admittedly photogenic) photos of the food on the menu.