Top things to do in South of Huaraz

Viewpoint in Chiquián

Mirador de San Juan Cruz

Many Peruvian towns have a cross on a hill with a path leading tantalizingly to the top, but no others have a pinch-yourself view of the snowy Huayhuash range rising above a sea of lesser peaks. To get to the giant …
Archaeological Site in South of Huaraz

Huellas de los Dinosaurios

When the Antamina Mining Company needed a paved road to move mining equipment from Yanacancha to the Conococha crossroads (some 200km east of Huaraz), they simply built it themselves. During the excavation in 2009, …
Bakery in Chiquián

Panadería y Pastelería Sierra Andina

Apart from the Hotel Nogales, Chiquian lacks any restaurant that looks half inviting. At a pinch, you can decamp to this bakery where the cakes and breads look nicer than the décor. Expect local stray dogs to come w…
Religious in Chiquián

Santa Rosa de Lima

This annual festival is held in late August is in honor of Santa Rosa de Lima and celebrated with dances, parades, music and bullfights.