Bus in Moquegua

San Martín

San Martín runs the paved road to Puno (S25, nine hours) via Desaguadero on the Bolivian border (S18, six hours), usually departing in the evening. This can be a rough, cold, overnight journey on económico buses tha…
Bus in Camaná

Cruz del Sur

Frequent bus services to Arequipa (S31 to S68, 3½ hours) are provided by luxurious Cruz del Sur. Also has daily services to Lima (S85 to S156, 12 hours) that stop at most intermediate coastal points, such as Nazca a…
Bus Station in Moquegua

Terminal Terrestre

All buses leave from this sparkling new terminal to the south of the plaza. It's among the best bus terminals in Peru, even boasting a small archaeological museum that's worth a look. There is a S2 departure tax.
Bus in Moquegua


Flores has two económico and several more comfortable services to Lima in addition to buses to Arequipa and Tacna. Some of their buses are a bit worse for wear and their service is pretty poor.
Bus Station in Tacna

Terminal Collaysuyo

Buses to Juliaca, Desaguadero, Cuzco and Puno leave from Terminal Collaysuyo, located in the district of Alta Alianza to the north of town.
Airport in Tacna


Tacna’s airport is 5km southwest of town. A regular taxi costs around S10 while an official airport taxi from inside the terminal is S20.
Bus in Ica


Runs economic bus services north to Lima and to Nazca via Palpa. Note that soutbound buses leave from a different terminal a block away.
Bus in Ica


Soyuz has departures every 15 minutes to Lima via Pisco and Chincha. Be careful of your belongings on this line.
Boat in Paracas (El Chaco)

Marina Turística de Paracas

Most trips to Islas Ballestas depart from this new tourist port. A port taxt of S5 is added to the tour price.
Bus in Ilo


Flores has direct services to Tacna (S10, 3½ hours, every 45 minutes) and Arequipa (S20, every two hours).