Best restaurants in South Coast

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Paracas (El Chaco)


    One of our favorite places to eat on the entire coast, this breezy spot on the far side of the bay is a working scallop farm with a handful of tables right next to the water. It serves a bunch of different seafood dishes but the fresh scallops served natural with lemon and olive oil are phenomenal.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Tacna

    Muelle Sur

    Widely regarded as Tacna's best restaurant, this bustling open-air seafood affair fulfills the hype. It gets crowded with Chilean visitors on weekends who come for their ceviche fix. While the ceviche and tiraditos (Japanese version of ceviche) are the stars here there's also whole fish, rice dishes and reasonably priced whole lobster in addition to beef from the grill. Reservations are advisable.

  • Restaurants in Chincha

    Restaurante Lorena

    It's a bit of a walk out of the center but this local institution is the best place in town to enjoy traditional dishes. It knocks out good ceviches and the like but is famed for its rich criollo flavors. Try the carapulcra (mixed meats with Andean potatoes and chili), seco de rez (beef in a reduced sauce) or arroz con pato (rice with duck).

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Tacna

    Café Da Vinci

    There’s a Euro-feel to the food and decor in this wood-paneled domain where well-dressed waitstaff give out Mona Lisa smiles along with menus that highlight fabulous baguettes, pizzas, generous glasses of dry red wine and decent Peruvian staples. Finish it off with a piece of one of the rich cakes and a real espresso.

  • Restaurants in Moquegua


    Set in a refurbished old house, this modern bistro is about as chic as it gets in Moquegua. It combines one of the most diverse menus in town with a stylish yet laid-back ambience. The speciality is seafood but there are also plenty of grill options. It's a great place to hang out after a meal for cocktails.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Pisco

    As de Oro’s

    Widely considered Pisco's best restaurant, the plush As de Oro serves up spicy mashed potato with octopus, plaice with butter and capers, and grilled prawns with fried yucca and tartare sauce on the back porch overlooking a swimming pool. On Saturdays there's a happening disco here.

  • Restaurants in Nazca & Around

    La Kasa Rustika

    One of the best eateries on the main strip, La Kasa Rustika has a wide menu of Peruvian flavors and international dishes served on an inviting open terrace. Take your pick from steak, seafood, pasta and pizza. Portions are large, prices reasonable and service top-notch.

  • Restaurants in Tacna

    Uros Restaurante

    Tacna’s stab at novoandina (Peruvian nouvelle cuisine) avoids too many pretensions, if you can get past the (admittedly photogenic) photos of the food on the menu. Try alpaca a la piedra – a slab of Andean game meat cooked on a hot volcanic stone.

  • Restaurants in Mollendo

    Charlie's Catarindo

    Tucked away in a secluded cove framed by rocky mountains just north of town, Charlie's is the local go-to place for a long lunch followed by a couple of drinks. Take a seat out under the umbrellas next to the water or inside the bright dining room with full windows and tuck into a variety of seafood classics.

  • Restaurants in Huacachina

    Desert Nights

    The menu might have been ripped off from anywhere else on the banana-pancake trail, but the cafe restaurant at the front of the hostel of the same name has fantastic views from its rooftop terrace and is somewhere you’re guaranteed to meet other travelers.

  • Restaurants in Ica

    El Cordón y La Rosa

    It's worth the short taxi ride from the center to dine at this modern Peruvian bistro which specializes in seafood but has a wide-ranging menu. It's very popular so tables are a little crammed in. The spotless open kitchen area looks like something straight out of Masterchef with neatly uniformed cooks wearing headsets and knocking out plates at lightning speed.

  • Restaurants in Nazca & Around

    El Portón

    Fed with a regular diet of Nazca Lines tour groups, this rambling place might be a bit lonely for single diners, but it's well worth visting both for the ambience and quality of the plates. The menu is anchored by above-average Peruvian and international dishes, including great stuffed avocados, which can be enjoyed in the fresh dining rooms or on the terrace.

  • Restaurants in Paracas (El Chaco)

    Lobo Fino

    On the southern edge of town, this unpretentious place with tables on its covered porch prepares quality Peruvian cuisine at fair prices. Locals congregate here at lunch for its excellent set menus, which come in two varieties: criollo and marino.

  • Restaurants in Ica


    Stop in at this shop half a block from the plaza that is famed around the country for its chocolates and traditional sweets. Try the tejas (caramel-wrapped candies flavored with fruits, nuts etc.)

  • Restaurants in Tacna

    Rancho San Antonio

    A local institution, this atmospheric eatery is famed as the birthplace of the Tacna sour – a cocktail made of apricot wine and lemon juice – and is a good place to try typical plates from the region. Come in the evening to try its famous hamburguesa de cordero cara negra which rolls off the grill from 7pm onwards.

  • Restaurants in Nazca & Around


    Head upstairs to take advantage of bird's-eye views of the street below at this international-traveler-set favorite. The food is quite good, and prepared with a worldwide audience in mind. Choose from steaks and seafood, to pasta and homestyle hamburgers. The cane-thatched room and exposed wood lend a South American air.

  • Restaurants in Pucusana

    Restaurante Jhony

    Restaurante Jhony is considered the best of the cluster of waterfront restaurants; try the tortillita de camarones (a thick tasty omelet full of prawns with most of their anatomy still intact). Most of the fried food is pretty good but avoid the arroz con mariscos which is well below par.

  • Restaurants in Tacna

    La Huerta

    In the suburb of Pocollay, La Huerta is a pleasant outdoor place with uproarious birdsong and a terrace with vine-covered trellising and live music some afternoons. It serves a variety of comida casera (typical meals) including what is said to be the best cuy (guinea pig) in the region.

  • Restaurants in Nazca & Around

    La Taberna

    It’s a hole-in-the-wall place, and the scribbles covering every inch of wall are a testament to its popularity. Try the spicy fish topped with sauce and mixed shellfish challengingly named Pescado a lo Macho, or choose from a list of vegetarian options. Daily changing menus are good value.

  • Restaurants in Ilo

    Los Corales

    The prime shorefront position pretty much guarantees fresh seafood including local favorite, pulpo al olvia (octopus in olive oil), a cold appetizer. It's a step up from the places in front of the fish market as shown by the quality olives offered alongside the salty corn nibbles.