Cultural in Chincha

Verano Negro

Chincha's big bash is a celebration of Afro-Peruvian culture revolving around music, dance, poetry and food. Events take place in the Plaza de Armas in Chincha and also in El Carmen.
Harvest in Ica

Fiesta de la Vendimia

This famous grape-harvest festival includes all manner of processions, beauty contests, cockfights and horse shows, music and dancing, and of course, free-flowing pisco and wine.
Cultural in Pisco

Fiestas Patrias

While the Fiestas Patrias celebrating independence from Spain are also a big deal elsewhere, they are celebrated particularly fervently in Pisco due to the city being integral in the formation of the Peruvian nation…
Sports in Lunahuaná

Adventure Sports Festival

Lunahuaná hosts an adventure-sports festival in late February or early March.
Cultural in Lunahuaná

Fiesta de la Vendimia

Lunahuaná's grape harvest is in the second week of March.
Cultural in Ica

Semana Turistica de Ica

A week-long celebration of the tourism sector with a series of cultural activities, exhibitions of handicrafts, wine tastings and a beauty contest.
Religious in Chincha

La Virgen del Carmen de Chincha

The festival in honor of the patron virgin is a mainly religious affair that takes place in the streets of the city center.
Religious in Ica

El Seńor de Luren

This religious pilgrimage culminates in fireworks and a traditional procession of the faithful that keeps going all night.