Top Choice Museum in Chincha

Casa-Hacienda San José

Providing reason alone to make the trip down from Lima, this former slave plantation with its stately hacienda offers a rare opportunity for Afro-Peruvian historical immersion – some of it gilded, some of it gruesom…
Ruins in Nazca & Around


A dirt road travels 25km west from Nazca to Cahuachi, the most important known Nazca center, which is still undergoing excavation. It consists of several pyramids, a graveyard and an enigmatic site called Estaquería…
Museum in Nazca & Around

Museo Didáctico Antonini

On the east side of town, this excellent archaeological museum has an aqueduct running through the back garden, as well as interesting reproductions of burial tombs, a valuable collection of ceramic pan flutes and a…
Museum in Ica

Museo Regional de Ica

In the suburban neighborhood of San Isidro, Ica pulls out its trump card: a museum befitting a city three times the size. While it might not be the Smithsonian in terms of layout and design, this understated gem cat…
Archaeological Site in Pisco

Museo JC Tello

Inside the Reserva Nacional de Paracas, next door to the park visitor centre, is the Museo JC Tello. Unfortunately, the museum's best pieces were stolen a few years ago, but an interesting collection of weavings, tr…
Museum in Tacna

Museo de Zela

The small, musty Museo de Zela provides a look at the interior of one of Tacna’s oldest colonial buildings, the Casa de Zela.
Museum in Tacna

Museo Histórico Regional

Patriotic like everything in Tacna, this museum above the town library broadcasts a grand somewhat triumphant air. Five huge canvases adorn the walls and busts of erstwhile heroes such as Zela, Bolognesi and Ugarte …
in Pucusana


South of Pucusana, off Km 64 along Carr Panamericana Sur, is the turnoff to the village of Chilca, famed for its muddy and mineral-rich lagoons, one of which is nicknamed La Milagrosa (the Miracle). The bathing pool…
Winery in Lunahuaná

La Reyna de Lunahuaná

A rustic bodega producing both wines and piscos, venerable La Reyna de Lunahuaná presides over the main plaza in Catapalla, about 6km east of Lunahuaná. The owners here can teach you the ABCs of pisco (Peruvian grap…
in Lunahuaná

Bodega Los Reyes

Close to town, Bodega Los Reyes is generous in its measures. It still allows visitors to get their feet wet – literally – treading grapes the traditional way during the months of February and March.