Arts & Crafts in Huancayo

Feria Dominical

This craft market occupies numerous blocks along Huancavelica to the northwest of Piura, offering weavings, textiles, embroidered items, ceramics and wood carvings. Mates burilados (carved gourds) and many other ite…
Arts & Crafts in Leimebamba


Located on the plaza, AMAL is a women’s artisan cooperative selling top-grade handicrafts and local weavings. Better than the shop, however, is heading up to their small workshop about a five-minute walk along the r…
Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Center for Traditional Textiles of Cuzco

This nonprofit organization, founded in 1996, promotes the survival of traditional weaving. You may be able to catch a shop-floor demonstration illustrating different weaving techniques in all their finger-twisting …
Arts & Crafts in Puno


This craft market sells the llama toys, rugs, alpaca sweaters, masks from Puno's 'La Virgen de Candelaria' festival and other handicrafts you'll see elsewhere in town and on the islands, but at prices more open to h…
Arts & Crafts in Piura

Centro Artesanal Norte

This artisan center is actually a tiny mall of about a dozen different craft shops featuring regional specialties from baskets to weavings to Chulucanas pottery. With fair and negotiable prices, it’s a great stop if…
Arts & Crafts in Lima

Las Pallas

For special gifts, check out this handicrafts shop featuring a selection of the highest-quality products from all over Peru; it’s even on the radar of Sotheby’s. Ring the bell if the gate is closed during opening ho…
Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Inkakunaq Ruwaynin

This weaving cooperative with quality goods is run by 12 mountain communities from Cuzco and Apurimac; it’s at the far end of the inner courtyard. There’s also an online catalog.
Arts & Crafts in Cajamarca

Artesanias El Rescate

This open-air arcade has around a dozen small shops selling handicrafts from around the region, including woven bags and ponchos.
Arts & Crafts in Lima

La Casa de la Mujer Artesana Manuela Ramos

Crafts cooperative whose proceeds support women’s economic development programs, at cuadra 15 of Av Brasil.
Arts & Crafts in Lima

Agua y Tierra

A tidy shop that specializes in crafts from the Shipibo, Aguaruna and Asháninka cultures from the Amazon.