Peru shopping

Top Choice Chocolate in Lima

El Cacaotal

A sustainable chocolate shop with delicious bars and connoisseur expertise. It's the perfect opportunity to appease friends and family back home, and it offers fair-trade compensation for small-scale farmers around …
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Lima

Las Pallas

For special gifts, check out this handicrafts shop featuring a selection of the highest-quality products from all over Peru; it’s even on the radar of Sotheby’s. Ring the bell if the gate is closed during opening ho…
Arts & Crafts in Ayacucho

Edwin Pizarro

The retablos (ornamental religious dioramas) from Edwin Pizarro’s workshop in Barrio Belén are highly recommended. He’s renowned locally as one of the best artisans in the business and will personalize his lovingly …
Coffee in San Ramón & La Merced

Chanchamayo Highland Coffee

Here you can sample and buy the coffee for which Chanchamayo is famous. (Peru is one of the world’s largest coffee producers but nearly all gets exported.) It’s a tad gimmicky but enjoyable, and besides the shop, yo…
Market in Huancayo

Mercado Mayorista

A colorful produce market spills out from the covered Mercado Mayorista, east along the railway tracks. In the meat section, you can buy Andean delicacies such as frogs, guinea pigs and chickens; an incredible varie…
Arts & Crafts in Cuzco

Center for Traditional Textiles of Cuzco

This nonprofit organization, founded in 1996, promotes the survival of traditional weaving. You may be able to catch a shop-floor demonstration illustrating different weaving techniques in all their finger-twisting …
Arts & Crafts in Ollantaytambo


A nonprofit boutique selling gorgeous locally woven sweaters, hats and gloves made with organic dyes, as well as handmade leather handbags and wallets. Products are high quality and design conscious, they're wonderf…
Shoes in Lima

La Zapateria

Though it appears quite small, there’s a lot going on inside La Zapateria, one part showroom, one part workshop. Handmade leather shoes can be made to order, and there are plenty of stylish models ready-made on the …
Sports & Outdoors in Huaraz

Montaña Magica

Forget your kit? Head to Mountain Magic where you can stock up on a full gamut of decent trekking and mountaineering gear from rain jackets to camping stoves.
Arts & Crafts in Huancayo

Feria Dominical

This craft market offering weavings, textiles, embroidered items, ceramics and wood carvings occupies numerous blocks along Huancavelica to the northwest of Piura. Mates burilados (carved gourds) and many other item…