Chanchamayo Highland Coffee

Coffee in San Ramón & La Merced

Here you can sample and buy the coffee for which Chanchamayo is famous. (Peru is one of the world’s largest coffee producers but nearly all gets exported.) It’s a tad gimmicky but enjoyable, and besides the shop, you can browse displays on coffee production and check out old coffee-producing machinery. There is a tour (free) if you prefer.

Most singular of the caffeinated products is the Café Misha, billed as the world's most expensive coffee. The price tag is due to the coffee cherries being processed in the digestive system of the coati, a raccoon-like animal (the coati only chooses the best cherries, and the coffee bean is released in the animal's stool). It’s 1km northeast of the main bus terminal on the Satipo road. These days the shop does a tempting range of local jams and ice creams, too.