Río Mantaro Valley attractions

Convent in Río Mantaro Valley

Santa Rosa de Ocopa

Set around beautiful gardens and courtyards, this convent was originally built by Franciscans in the early 18th century as a center for missionaries heading into the jungle. The friars accrued an impressive collecti…
Lake in Río Mantaro Valley

Laguna Ñahuimpuquio

Hemmed in by mountains, this body of water offers restaurants and boat rides. From the east shore a path climbs to a ridge for great valley views and the ruins of Arwaturo, constructed to maximize illumination by th…
Village in Río Mantaro Valley

Cochas Grande & Cochas Chico

These two villages on the east side of the valley, sometimes referred to jointly as Cochas, are the major production centers for the incised gourds that have made the district famous. Oddly enough, the gourds are gr…
Archaeological Site in Jauja

Camino del Inca

A well-preserved Inca road runs from Jauja to Tarma. The most spectacular section is from Tingopaccha (30 minutes from Jauja by taxi) to Inkapatakuna (30 minutes from Tarma), a scenic but tough all-day hike.
Lake in Jauja

Laguna de Paca

This small lakeside resort offers restaurants, rowboats and fishing. A boat ride around the lake will cost S5 to S10 per passenger (depending on how many passengers there are). There are ducks and gulls, and you can…
Nature Reserve in Jauja

Reserva Nor Yauyos-Cochas

A huge, iconic Andean smorgasbord of glimmering blue-green mountain lakes nestled within towering peaks and home to the Pariacaca Glacier. You’ll need your own 4WD vehicle (rent one in Lima or Huancayo) to get there…
Park in Huancayo

Parque de la Identidad Huanca

This fanciful park is full of stone statues of famous regional personalities, as well as miniature buildings representing the area’s culture. It's in the suburb of San Antonio, 3km northeast of the center.
Viewpoint in Huancayo

Cerro de la Libertad

A popular recreational and dining locale with a great view of the city, as well as artwork stalls and a playground. It's about 2km from the town center; head northeast on Giráldez to get here.
Church in Huancayo

Iglesia de La Inmaculada

With its duel cupolas capped in sky-blue, this may be a modern place of worship (built 1965), but it is also one of Huancayo's prettier churches.
Village in Río Mantaro Valley


This Río Mantaro handicrafts village on the east side of the valley is known for its wool products, including ponchos and weavings.