Top Choice French in Aguas Calientes

Indio Feliz

Hospitality is the strong suit of French cook Patrik at this multi-award-winning restaurant, but the food does not disappoint. Start with sopa criolla (a potent and flavorful broth, served with hot bread, homemade b…
Top Choice Peruvian in Chachapoyas

El Batan de Tayta

This hip bar-restaurant serves creative versions of traditional dishes and great fusion cuisine, plated with style on pieces of granite and inverted terracotta roof tiles. Try the arroz shutito con bife y chica de j…
Top Choice Peruvian in Máncora

La Sirena d’Juan

Local boy done good, Juan has turned his intimate little main drag seafooder into northern Peru’s best restaurant. Yellowfin tuna fresh from Máncora’s waters is the showstopper here, whether it’s prepared as a tirad…
Top Choice Fusion in Lima

Astrid y Gastón Casa Moreyra

The standard-bearer of novoandina cooking in Lima, Gastón Acurio’s flagship French-influenced restaurant as run by Lima native Diego Muñoz remains a culinary tour de force. The seasonal menu features traditional Per…
Top Choice International in Ollantaytambo

El Albergue Restaurante

This whistle stop cafe serves elegant dinners of well-priced, classic Peruvian fare. It’s inviting, with an open kitchen bordered by heaping fruit bowls and candles adorning each linen-topped table.Start with the ca…
Top Choice Peruvian in Lima


Part restaurant, part laboratory, Central reinvents Andean cuisine and rescues age-old Peruvian edibles you'd find nowhere else. Dining here is an experience, evidenced by the tender native potatoes served in edible…
Top Choice Peruvian in Canta & Obrajillo

La Choza de Omar

Where the road hits the river in idyllic little Obrajillo, this rustic outdoor restaurant entices droves of weekending Lima types who go crazy over the huge plates of carnivorous fare whilst their kids run amok. The…
Top Choice International in Iquitos

Amazon Bistro

This is laid out with TLC by the Belgian owner with a New York–style breakfast bar (OK, Amazon version thereof) and upper-level mezzanine seating looking down on the main eating area. The cuisine refuses to be pidge…
Top Choice Cafe in Piura


The real deal. This modern cafe offers gourmet sandwiches and salads that are great for lunch (though it’s shockingly empty). There’s more sophisticated fare for a fine night out with a bottle of wine at dinner.
Top Choice International in Ayacucho

Via Via

With its upstairs plaza-facing balcony, Via Via has the best views with which to accompany your meal in Ayacucho. It’s ethically sourced, organic food – but this is Peruvian-European fusion cuisine, so you’ll find s…