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The people of Raqchi are charming and environmentally conscious, working periodically to eradicate litter left by visitors. And they are famous potters – many of the ceramics on sale in the markets of Pisac and Chinchero come from here.

On the third Sunday in June, Raqchi is the site of a colorful fiesta with much traditional music and dancing.

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$89 Transfers & Ground Transport

Puno or Viceversa Guided Bus Tour from Cusco with Lunch Stop

Cusco - Andahuaylillas - La Raya- Pucara – PunoAfter breakfast we will pick you up from your hotel at 06:20am and take you to the bus station, the bus departs at 07:00am to our first stop.Andahuaylillas, The "San Pedro de Andahuaylillas" church is also known as the "Sistine Chapel of America", and in some aspects this is an appropriate comparison given the fact that this church is one of the most amazing and beautiful samples of the Andean popular religious art. It have been built at the end of the 16th century given the fact that one of its murals, signed by Luis de Riaño, has a date written in it that states it is from the year 1626. The roof is almost completely covered by a Mudejar kind of decoration with floral and fruit motives and coated with gold leaf. After this we drive to our second stop. Raqchi, by the right shore of the Vilcanota River and at an altitude of 3.500 above the sea level. Apparently, its pre-Hispanic name was "Cacha" instead of "Raqchi". There is evidence that points towards the fact that Raqchi was a town with many constructions and farming terraces that had different purposes. Raqchi probably was an important "tambo" (Inca shelter), in the route towards "Collasuyo". The most important building inside this architectonic complex is the "Temple of Wiraqocha" that, according to ancient chroniclers, was built by the Inca Wiraqocha as a tribute to the Supreme God: "Apu Kon TiKi Wiraqocha". After this visit we drive until Sicuani which is the lunch stop, here we will enjoy a delicious Buffet lunch. La Raya, marks the border between the regions of Cusco and Puno and it is a typical natural area of the zone known as "Puna" whose surrounding flora is mainly formed by "ichu" and its fauna by "alpacas", "llamas" and vicunas. La Raya is the highest point in the route from Puno to Cusco, being located at 4.338 meters above the sea level.. Pukara, the village of Pukará is located in the Department of Puno and has an area of approximately 6 square kilometers. It was the first urban setting in the "Altiplano Lacustre" and its influence reached the Cusco Valley (Valle de Cusco) in the north and Tiahuanaco in the south. Evidence of the Pukara culture was found in the Pacific coast in the valleys of Moquegua and Azapa (Arica- Chile), and there is also proof of its presence in the region of Iquique and up to the mouth of the Loa River. Nowadays, the museum of the town of Pukará holds inside a great collection of monoliths, pottery and other items left behind by this great pre-Inca culture and that is displayed in 5 exposition rooms. Finally arriving in Puno around 17:00pm.On your Arrival to either Cusco or Puno City, our representative will be waiting for you and transferred to your hotel.

$89 Cultural & Theme Tours

Puno to Cusco Full-Day Tour with The Pukara Museum and Raqchi

We pick up passengers at around 6:15 am from downtown hotels in Puno to take them to the Bus Station where we will take the bus that will drive us to 4 different locations, each one with its own charm. We’ll visit the Stone Museum of Pukara (first big culture in the Andean area), then we’ll proceed to La Raya (4400m) the highest point between Puno and Cusco from where you can see snow-capped mountains. This will be followed by a break in Sicuani for lunch (buffet menu). Later we’ll visit Wiracocha’s Temple in Raqchi, a huge temple dedicated to a main Inca God. 40 minutes before arriving to Cusco we’ll visit Andahuaylillas Church, where we’ll see the indoctrination of the Andean people. Finally at 5:00pm we will be arriving in Cusco.

$75 Tours & Sightseeing

Cusco to Puno via Andahuaylillas and Raqch'i

Your day will start between 7:00 to 7:15am with transfer and pickup from your hotel to the bus station.At 7:30am we'll depart from Cusco to Andahuaylillas travelling on a tourist bus and arriving at approximately 8:15am.Between 8:15 to 8:45am visit the church of San Pedro Andahuaylillas and at 8:50am we'll get on board of the bus again and drive to Raqchi arriving at 10:40am. Enjoy a guided tour of the complex and Inca Temple of Raqchi finishing at 11:20am. After the guided tour get on board of the bus for a ride to Sicuani where we'll arrive at 12:30pm.12:30 until 2:00pm lunch at local restaurant buffet.At 2:05pm we get on board again and drive to La Raya where we'll arrive at 2:40pm. We'll have a quick stop here to take pictures of white snow-capped mountains. This is the highest point on the tour from Cusco to Puno.Between 2:50pm to 3:40pm tourist bus ride to the town of Pucara followed by a guided tour of the Vilage and Museum of Pucara.We'll start our drive to Puno at 4:20pm arriving at 5:00pm where the tour finishes.

$59.99 Day Trips & Excursions

south valley from cusco

We will pick you up at approximately 8: 30-9: 00 am, where we will start with our heading south to the giant agricultural terraces and their typical seremonial temples, continuing with our trip we will go to the city of mud fleas in pikillacta with their incredible temples, houses and esplanades, our next destination will be the incredible Sistine Chapel, well known for its architectural resemblance to the chapel of St. Peter the Apostle in Rome, with its murals, paintings and sculptures dating from the time of the colony and finally We will visit the imposing and majestic mud walls of Raqchi, finishing our tour we will return to the city of Cusco.

$506.25 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

2-Day Private Tour:Peruvian and Bolivian Land Including Lake Titicaca from Cusco

DAY 1:07:00am the excursion starts with your Private tourism Guide meeting you at the Hotel. You´ll go in direction to the south of Cusco. On the way we will be able to see part of Cusco City and the traditional Suburbs of the Inca / colonial times.  09:00am Archeological site of Raqchi an Inca Site. Archaeologists have divided the Site into 5 main sectors: (A) Wiracocha Temple, (B) Squares, (C) Colcas, (D) Mesapata and (E) Sector E, plus an artificial water reservoir at the front of the Temple and a wall which surrounds the entire complex. 11:30am Lithic Museum of Pucara and the archeological Site. In the Peruvian-Bolivian Altiplano, between 500 and 380 d. C. developed a culture whose center was a pyramidal temple. Its main representations are the God of the Bacons and animals related to the cult of water. It is a culture that developed around Lake Titicaca, in the Peruvian-Bolivian Altiplano, between 500 and 380 d. C. 15:00pm Archeological Site of Chullpas of SillustaniSillustani, one of the largest necropolis in the world. Surrounded by a landscape of striking beauty that seems to be summed up in the calm waters of the lagoon Umayo.The archaeological complex stands out for its gigantic "chullpas" (species of stone towers), built by collas and Incas, to bury their dead. Some half-falling, others standing like chess towers resisting the passage of time. 17:00pm at this time we will be ready to continue on our way to one of the most beautiful and fascinating Lake Titikaka. We are going to do overnight in the pensinsula of capachica, the other face of the big Lake. In Llachon. Where we will practice the Rural Tourism with the local families. Welcome in Llachon – Titicaca Lake. Enjoy a beautiful dinner and after have a good sleep in your local family house.Day 2A new day to explore the fascinating Lake Titicaca, and its narutal beauty. Once we enjoy our beautiful Breakfast prepared by the Local Family. 8:00am Visit the Floating island of TitinoIt is a set of floating islands of totora, inhabited by native settler’s descendants of one of the oldest cultures of America, whose main activity is the fishing and the hunting;10:30am hike to the Carus / Qéskapa Highest Solid Mountain in this sector of the Lake, enjoy the Picture time to the distance of the lake.12:00pm enjoy our way back to the Families House on board of our Local traditional sailing boat. After it. Enjoy your lunch time with the family. 14:30pm say good bye to the local family, it´s time to take our way back to Cusco. Or if you have flight connection from Puno city to Lima, we ride you to the airport. Otherwise the drive back to Cusco will be average 5 Hours.19:30pm Arrive in Cusco City and Drop you at your selected Hotel, Airport, or Bus Terminal depending of your next Point of Interest.

$100 Day Trips & Excursions

Puno to Cusco Full-Day Tour with Juliaca, Ayaviri and Pucara

Early departure by bus from Puno to the City of Cusco. We travel along the High Plateau of Collao, stopping at the Town of Ayaviri, an important livestock and textile center, to visit the impressive Temple of Kalasaya, ruins from the ancient Pucara Culture. On the way, we stop in Raqchi, where we can see a spectacular Inca Sanctuary built by the Inca Pachacutec, and dedicated to the great Inca God of Wiracocha. It has a great central wall with a stone base of fine Inca architecture. Other walls are made of giant adobe bricks. The structure also has two circular lateral columns. Around the Temple are several buildings once used for housing and storage. About 70 km further on, we pass through the La Raya Ranch where we can see troops of vicuñas and llamas. During the trip, we pass by the lovely Wacarpay Lake, offering spectacular views of the mountains reflected in its calm waters. We proceed to the beautiful Town of Andahuaylillas, and visit the Church of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas, better known as the Sistine Chapel of the Americas, due to its decorated polychrome ceiling. Enjoy a buffet lunch in a quiet countryside restaurant, where we can enjoy the delightful culinary art of the Region.