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Top Choice Peruvian in Puerto Maldonado

Burgos's Restaurante

This has quickly developed into Puerto Maldonado’s stand-out restaurant. It calls itself an exponent of Novo Amazonica cuisine – that’s like Novo Andino, only making those bold culinary adaptations to jungle dishes …
Tower in Puerto Maldonado


Although this strangely cosmic blue building was designed as a modern mirador (lookout tower), its 30m height unfortunately does not rise high enough above the city for viewers to glimpse the rivers. The view is sti…
in Puerto Maldonado

La Choza del Candamo

Outside of town, this relaxed peña (bar/club featuring live folkloric music) has a restaurant where you can sample food from all three regions of Peru – coast, mountain and jungle – and listen to the latest live mus…
Peruvian in Puerto Maldonado

El Califa

The local restaurant in town: in the game for decades. An ocean of tables are attended with no-nonsense service. Portions are large, cheap and tasty, and you can try a variety of jungle classics, from chancho (rainf…
Pizza in Puerto Maldonado

Pizzería El Hornito/Chez Maggy

This popular upstairs hangout on the Plaza de Armas serves pasta and amply sized, wood-fired pizzas − the best in town – complete with lashings of telenovelas (Peruvian soap operas) on large TVs. Yeah, they do takea…
Desserts in Puerto Maldonado

Los Gustitos del Cura

For a sweet treat or the best ice cream in town, drop in to this French-owned patisserie with a pleasant courtyard at the rear. Sandwiches, cakes and drinks are dished up, and local objets d’art are on sale.
Ceviche in Puerto Maldonado

El Catamaran

Gravitate to this quiet place to feast on great freshwater ceviche (raw seafood marinated in lime juice), along with the contingent of local dignitaries: there’s a nice decked seating area out back with river views.
in Puerto Maldonado

Chifa Sol Grande

The Peruvian Amazon version of Chinese food is actually quite tasty. This place is the most locally popular joint to try it out. Closing time is officially 11pm, though the place often stays open much later.
Club in Puerto Maldonado

Discoteca Witite

Well, we preferred Witite with the gaudy clapboard but the smartened-up version is still the classic place to party – a party which goes on all night. It's on the new pedestrianized street near the plaza.
Bar in Puerto Maldonado

El Buraco

This has morphed into the most popular open-air bar – start with a beer and you'll be finishing with a dance. Good live music Friday and Saturday.