Taxi in Pucallpa

Turismo Ucayali

Located in the Terminal Terrestre, Turismo Ucayali has cars to Tingo María (S45, four to five hours) via Aguaytía leaving about every hour all day and night. Other companies at the terminal serve the same destinatio…
Taxi in Pucallpa

Terminal Terrestre Pucallpa

Pucallpa has reorganized its transportation somewhat, and all colectivo taxis and minivans to Amazon towns and to Tingo Maria in the Central Highlands now depart from here. It's an S9 mototaxi ride from the center.
Airline in Pucallpa

Star Perú

Star Perú has direct flights leaving from Lima at 7:15am – the flight continues to Iquitos. For Pucallpa–Lima, the time is 12:15pm.
Port in Pucallpa

Puerto Henry

As water levels drop, the port falls back to several spots along the banks, including to here at Puerto Henry.
Bus in Pucallpa

León de Huánuco

León de Huánuco serves Lima at 7:30pm (on a bus-cama, bed bus) and Huancayo at 8pm.
Boat in Pucallpa


Check here for the latest reliable sailing information.
Airport in Pucallpa

Aeropuerto Capitán FAP David Abensur Rengifo

Five kilometers west of the center. Flights to Lima and Iquitos.
Airline in Pucallpa


Has expensive flights to Lima up to three times daily.