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Transportation to Amazon Towns

Along this block of Raimondi, several shabby offices offer transport to various Amazon towns. Departures are nevertheless often from stations out on the airport road 4km from the city center - ask.
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Turismo Ucayali

Turismo Ucayali has cars to Tingo María (S45, six hours) via Aguaytía leaving about every hour all day and night. Other companies nearby serve the same destinations for similar prices.
Airline in Pucallpa

Star Perú

Star Perú has direct flights leaving from Lima at 8:30am and 4:30pm – the morning flight continues to Iquitos. For Pucallpa–Lima, the times are 1pm and 6:10pm.
Port in Pucallpa

Puerto Henry

As water levels drop, the port falls back to several spots along the banks, includingto here atPuerto Henry.
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Turismo Central

Turismo Central, a good company, has one morning departure and two afternoon departures.
Bus in Pucallpa

León de Huánuco

León de Huánuco serves Lima at 1pm (bus-cama, bed bus) and 5:30pm.
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Check here for the latest reliable sailing information.
Airline in Pucallpa


Has expensive flights to Lima twice daily.
Boat in Pucallpa