Zoo in Pucallpa

Parque Natural

About 4km from the center of Pucallpa, off the airport road, enter through the mouth of a tiger into this Amazon zoo ensconced in lush grounds. Many animals from the selva (jungle) can be found here, although the ma…
Gallery in Pucallpa


Usko-Ayar is the gallery of the visionary local artist Pablo César Amaringo Shuna, whose work and biography can be accessed at Other promising Amazonian artists study, work and display here – it’s …
Gallery in Pucallpa

Agustín Rivas

Agustín Rivas is a famed local woodcarver whose work graces the lobbies of some of Pucallpa's best hotels and businesses. Ring the bell to enter his house-gallery.
Viewpoint in Pucallpa


The stairs at the northwest end of Avenida 2 de Mayo afford a good view of the town, and from the balcony at the southwest end there’s a photogenic river viewpoint.
Landmark in Pucallpa

Clock Tower

Clock Tower overlooking the river.
Cathedral in Pucallpa


Pucallpa's cathedral.