What's New

  • MIL

The latest from world-class chef Virgilio Martínez, MIL is a masterpiece Sacred Valley restaurant and food lab overlooking the archaeological site of Moray.

  • Lima Airport Shuttle

The new Airport Express is a comfortable and cheap ride to Miraflores, with air-conditioning and wi-fi to boot.

  • Monumental Callao

Reviving a long-neglected port, Monumental Callao is a weekend hit, with hip Limeños frequenting the new restaurants, galleries and artists’ studios. There’s often rooftop parties with DJs and passageways of fine graffiti art.

  • Accessible Kuélap

In 2017, Kuélap opened a cable car, making the once hard-to-reach ruins tantalizingly accessible. Eight-berth cabins make a high-flying 4km journey up to the mystical archaeological site.

  • Canyoning in Chachapoyas

Peru’s northern highlands harbor a plethora of lofty waterfalls. To admire these off-the-radar cascades, it is now possible to organize guided canyoning trips out of the local adventure nexus of Chachapoyas.

  • Amazonian Cuisine

Peru’s rich culinary legacy is no secret, but the focus has recently shifted from well-known Lima dishes to unusual regional specialties concocted in the country’s Amazon region and exhibited in new gourmet restaurants, such as Natural in Tarapoto.

  • Titicaca Island Lodgings

It used to be that you had to rough it to visit the fascinating islands of Lake Titicaca, but new comfortable homestays are upping the ante of hospitality.

  • Museo Arqueológico Municipal de Moche

This museum on the main square in the town of Moche houses some 500 ceramic pieces from the Chavin, Chimu, Lambayeque and Moche cultures curated from a private collection owned by Italian immigrants.

  • Puerto Chicama

The renovation of this small surf town was made to charm you, especially the new boardwalk that overlooks the action.

  • Arequipa

The White City is awash in new attractions, from the Casa Museo Mario Vargas Llosa, where the writer spent his childhood, to Museo de la Catedral and Callejón del Solar, a charming restored neighborhood backstreet.

  • Community Tourism in the Amazon

At Lago Sandoval and in villages near Yarinacocha, there are more options than ever for homestays with local families.

  • Museo Julio C Tello

This Paracas museum was reinaugurated in 2016, having been closed following the 2007 earthquake.