The heaviest rains have passed, leaving the highlands lush and green. With the return of drier weather, trekking season starts to take off in Huaraz and around Cuzco.

Noche en Blanco

Inspired by Europe's White Nights, the streets of Miraflores in Lima are closed to cars while arts, music and dance take over. Held in early May.


A fascinating indigenous pilgrimage to the holy mountain of Ausangate, outside of Cuzco, in May or June. Though known by few outsiders, it’s well worth checking out.

Festival of the Crosses

This fascinating religious festival is held on May 3 in various locations including Lima, Apurímac, Ayacucho, Junín, Ica and Cuzco.

El Señor de Muruhuay

This big annual pilgrimage with an image of a crucified Christ happens in late May – with processions and fireworks to accompany the religious fervor.