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Top Choice Cafe in Piura


The real deal. This modern cafe offers gourmet sandwiches and salads that are great for lunch (though it’s shockingly empty). There’s more sophisticated fare for a fine night out with a bottle of wine at dinner.
Museum in Piura

Casa Grau

This restored colonial home is the birthplace of Admiral Miguel Grau, born on July 27, 1834. The house was restored by the Peruvian navy and is now a naval museum. Admiral Grau was a hero of the War of the Pacific a…
in Piura


Leave room for dessert after your meal and visit here – it’s a great cake shop.
in Piura


No goat-head soups here, but plenty of refreshing fruit juices, yummy yogurts, wholegrain biscuits and lots and lots of salads. Ganimedes doubles as a whole-grain bakery, making it a great place to stock your picnic…
in Piura

Las Tradiciones

With wicker chairs spread throughout a gently crumbling colonial building, this is a decent place to sample cheap local fare.
Peruvian in Piura

Snack Bar Romano

With an excellent list of several daily menús, this local favorite has been around as long as its middle-aged waiters. It gets the double thumbs-up for ceviches, sudados and local specialties.
in Piura


This cozy and romantic place is the best Italian restaurant in town. Dripping with moodily lit ambience (check out the wacky pulley system that opens the door), this is the ideal place for that special night out. It…
in Piura

Supermercado Tusol

Supermercado Tusol is good for self-catering.
in Piura


If you really need to shake your rump, head down to Queens, which is not in New York, but just east of town. On rowdy weekend nights the place is filled with gringos and well-heeled Peruvians shakin’ their money-mak…
Arts & Crafts in Piura

Centro Artesanal Norte

This artisan center is actually a tiny mall of about a dozen different craft shops featuring regional specialties from baskets to weavings to Chulucanas pottery. With fair and negotiable prices, it’s a great stop if…