Museum in Piura

Museo Municipal Vicus

This four-story monolith offers a sparse but decent look into Vicus culture, highlighted by the underground Sala de Oro where some excellent pieces are displayed, including a gold belt decorated with a life-sized go…
Museum in Piura

Casa Grau

This restored colonial home is the birthplace of Admiral Miguel Grau, born on July 27, 1834. The house was restored by the Peruvian navy and is now a naval museum. Admiral Grau was a hero of the War of the Pacific a…
Museum in Piura

Sala de Oro

Village in Piura


For the daring adventurer, Huancabamba, deep in the eastern mountains, is well worth the rough 10-hour journey from Piura. This region is famed in Peru for the powerful brujos and curanderos (healers) who live and w…
Village in Piura


Located about 55km east of Piura, just before the Sechura Desert starts rising into the Andean slopes, Chulucanas is known Peru-wide for its distinctive ceramics – rounded, glazed, earth-colored pots that depict hum…
Village in Piura


A bustling small town 12km southwest of Piura, Catacaos is the self-proclaimed capital of artesanía (handicrafts) in the region. And justifiably so: its arts market is the best in northern Peru. Sprawling for severa…
Village in Piura


If you want to lose a few days in an authentic Peruvian beach town that foreigners haven’t yet embraced, look no further than Colán, 15km north of Paita, Piura’s main port some 50km west of the city.
Church in Piura


The cathedral was originally constructed in 1588, when Piura was finally built in its current location. The impressive early-17th-century gold-covered side altar of the Virgin of Fatima was once the main altar in th…
Monument in Piura

Bolognesi Monument

Monument to the Peruvian military hero Francisco Bolognesi Cervantes (1816-1880).
Monument in Piura

Grau Monument

Miguel María Grau Seminario was a well-known naval hero.