Archaeological Site in Pisco

Tambo Colorado

This early-Inca lowland outpost, about 45km northeast of Pisco, was named for the red paint that once completely covered its adobe walls. It’s one of the best-preserved sites on the south coast and is thought to...

Plaza in Pisco

Plaza de Armas

Post-earthquake, Pisco’s main Plaza de Armas is a mishmash of the vanquished and the saved. The equestrian statue of José de San Martín, hand raised urging the city forward, falls into the latter category....

City Hall in Pisco

Palacio Municipal

The Moorish, pastel-colored City Hall building was badly damaged in the earthquake and sits on the corner of the park awaiting repair.

Cathedral in Pisco

San Clemente Cathedral

Pisco’s biggest casualty of the 2007 earthquake was the colonial San Clemente Cathedral. A new, modern, red-bricked church has gone up in its place, financed with Spanish money – not so pretty, but an achievement...

Statue in Pisco

Statue of José de San Martín

This bronze statue of José de San Martín is the centerpiece of the the Plaza de Armas, with the independence hero on horseback with his hand raised urging the city forward.