Ruins in Pisac

Pisac Ruins

A truly awesome site with relatively few tourists, this hilltop Inca citadel lies high above the village on a triangular plateau with a plunging gorge on either side. Allow several hours to explore. Taking a taxi up…
Market in Pisac

Mercado de Artesania

Pisac is known far and wide for its market, by far the biggest and most touristy in the region. While there are still some local arts and crafts of note, watch out for mass-produced goods invading from as far as Col…
Church in Pisac

Iglesia de San Pedro Apostol

Traditionally dressed locals descend from the hills to attend mass in Quechua, including men in traditional highland dress blowing horns and varayocs (local authorities) with silver staffs of office. It's held at 11…
Gardens in Pisac

Jardín Botanico

A private enterprise with a huge courtyard full of beautiful specimens and a resident cat.
Landmark in Pisac

Horno Colonial San Francisco

Huge clay ovens for baking empanadas and other goodies and castillos de cuyes (miniature castles inhabited by guinea pigs) are found in many nooks and crannies, particularly on Mariscál Castilla. But this is the tow…
Village in Pisac


If you are interested in textiles, it’s worth visiting this weaving community that’s a 40-minute trip by taxi from Pisac.