Top Choice Peruvian in Paracas (El Chaco)

El Chorito

The Italians come to the rescue in the clean, polished Chorito – part of the Hostal Santa Maria – where a welcome supply of Illy coffee saves you from the otherwise ubiquitous powdered Nescafé. The cooked-to-order f…
in Paracas (El Chaco)

La Tia Fela

International in Paracas (El Chaco)

Punta Paracas

Coffee and chocolate brownies hit the spot at this open-all-day cafe that remains lively after most other places have closed.
Peruvian in Paracas (El Chaco)

Pisco and Olé

Tonier than the other spots on the Malecón, this friendly eatery offers a standard array of Peruvian seafood mashups. The only difference is the affable service and the slightly European styling. It's also a great s…