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Situated about 31km southeast of the city center, the archaeological complex of Pachacamac is a pre-Columbian citadel made up of adobe and stone palaces and temple pyramids. If you’ve been to Machu Picchu, it may not look like much, but this was an important Inca site and a major city when the Spanish arrived. It began as a ceremonial center for the Lima culture beginning at about AD 100, and was later expanded by... Read More

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7-Day Lima and Cusco Tour with Overnight at Machu Picchu

Book a 7-day tour of both Lima and Cusco and don't worry about the daily schedule of a vacation in Peru. This extended tour, designed for both first-time visitors and savvy travelers alike, includes your hotel accommodation (with breakfast), transfers to and from the airports in Lima and Cusco, guided tours and much more! You'll spend the first two full days in Lima, the City of Kings, and capital of Peru. On the first day, you'll have a guided sightseeing tour of the city and explore the famous landmarks and areas of interest. On the second day, you'll enjoy a day of leisure. It is recommended that you visit the famous Temple of Pachacamac or spend the day at some of the renowned museums or simply go shopping. On the third day, you'll be taken to the airport to head to Cusco, the capital of the Incan empire. On your first day in Cusco, you'll visit the city, the famous San Blas neighborhood, the Palace of Inca Roca and Korikancha. On the fourth day, you'll have the opportunity to visit the archeological ruins which surround the city of Cusco. Head over to Sacsayhuaman to admire the large stone structures and enjoy panoramic views of Cusco and its rooftops. You'll also visit the archeological sites of Qenqo and Tambomachay before returning to Cusco for an afternoon of leisure. On day 5, you'll head to the train station and board the train to Aguas Calientes, the small village at the bottom of the mountain to Machu Picchu. Ascend to the citadel by bus and spend a few hours at the sacred site, both on a guided sightseeing tour and at your own pace. You'll stay the night in Aguas Calientes so that you can capture breathtaking views of Machu Picchu both at sunset and at sunrise. There will not be a better chance for postcard perfect pictures! Enjoy some free time at Machu Picchu or Aguas Calientes before returning to Cusco in the evening.Please see the itinerary field below for more detailed information.

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Private Tour: Pachacamac Archaeological Site

Your private tour begins with hotel pickup . Board a private vehicle with your professional driver and private tour guide , and start driving south of Lima for 31 kilometers to reach the archaeological site of Pachacamac. This place was a sacred and ceremonial place which is considered part of the Mystic Axis of the World, from the beginning of the Christian Era. Walk around the site and learn from your knowledgeable guide about its history and how it is the major Pre-Hispanic ceremonial center on the Pacific Coast of America. It has places of pilgrimage for worshiping and consulting the oracle of Pachacamac, who was “ The Lord of the World”. The temple is totally built in adobe (mud bricks) and you will see all its temples including Adobito’s Temple, Templo with ramp, Taurichumbi Palace, Pachacamac Palace, Temple of the Sun, Philigrims Square and Acllahuasi.After your visit, you will have some free minutes to enjoy seeing how artisans make handcrafts and, if you wish, you can buy some of them. Then, you will visit the Barranco District and on the way there, you will admire the Green Coast beaches, the Wetlands of Villa in the Chorrillos District and the views of the Pacific Ocean. At Barranco, you will take a walk and see the Bridge of the Sights, a church from the 19th century and the lookout point of Barranco which is a quiet attraction for many couples enjoying a nice view of the Pacific Ocean and other districts of Lima city. At the end of your tour, you will be taken back to your hotel by private vehicle. Your tour guide can also arrange your lunch at a restaurant after the tour ends.

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Half-Day Tour to Pachacamac Archaeological Site

Your tour will start with a pickup from your hotel. On board, there will be an orientation from your tour guide who will give an explanation of the important cultures and people that lived on this site. This archaeological site includes a visit to the museum and temples such as the Temple of the Sun, Acllawasi, the Old Temple, the Painted Temple, Philligrins Square and Taulichumbi palace.Pachacamac, that was built mainly on adobe (mud bricks), hosts an oracle that represents the Lord of Pachacamac, who was considered a god that ruled the world. it is the major Pre-Hispanic ceremonial center on the Pacific Coast of America. Discover the buildings of the four known cultures that existed here: Lima, Ychma, Wari and Inca. Calculate the difference of each culture in time because of its rocky formations. Enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the sea from the viewpoint of the Temple of the Sun, the highest building in Pachacamac Sanctuary.After the visit to the complex and museum of Pachacamac, you will return to Lima and visit the typical districts of Chorrillos, the area that played an important role in the war with Chile from 1879 to 1883. Later, enjoy beautiful views of the Villa wetlands and the Costa Verde beach circuit. The last part of your tour includes a visit to Barranco, where you can enjoy a romantic walk by the Bridge of Sights, Barranco's Boulevard, La Ermita Church and other typical and rustic buildings that belonged to the colonial era of Lima.At the end of your tour, you will be taken back to your hotel. Optional drop-off in Barranco or centrally located restaurants in Lima can be arranged.

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Lima Full-Day Experience

Your full-day Lima experience tour begins with hotel pickup. Meet your guide and head to Pachacamac, an impressive Pre-Inca Ceremonial Centre overlooking the sea. Spend about 45 minutes here, walking around the site and learning all about it from your professional guide. Continue driving through Pantanos de Villa, a natural protected area with marshes in the middle of the city and then head to a local restaurant to have a delicious lunch. Here, you will see how Pisco Sours are made and taste a 3-course meal along with a Pisco Sour drink. After lunch, you will drive around Chorrillos, a historical district that survived after the war with Chile and then visit historic downtown Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk around its most important streets and admire the architecture, monuments, traditional bars and more. You will spend 1 hour here and then go to the Convent of San Francisco where you will spend 45 minutes visiting its solemn library and its chilling catacombs.  Finally, visit the Magic Water Circuit park, where you will enjoy a unique show of lights, water, music and pictures. After 35 minutes here, you will be dropped-off at your hotel, ending a wonderful day seeing the best of Lima.

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Local Artisans and Pachacamac Tour

We pick you up at 9:30am from your hotel in Miraflores and then travel 30 km south of Lima while seeing the landscape change from the beautiful views of the coast to the dry desert. We pass through sections of Lima you probably haven’t and won’t visit to arrive to the impressive archaeological complex of Pachacamac. In the afternoon, we go off the beaten path and visit a local neighborhood known for its talented artisans and beautiful handicrafts.Pachacamac TourPachacamac is the most important archaeological site in coastal Peru and consists of more than 20 pyramids. It was the main sanctuary of the Andean coast for more than 1500 years. Pilgrims from different areas came here asking for advice and omens to an idol that served as an oracle. Today, Pachacamac shelters more than 50 temples and buildings making it the largest archaeological complex in the city of Lima. Construction started about 200 A.D. and each succeeding culture added their own temples. The site grew to over 80 hectares or 200 acres. When finally the Incas arrived they built a huge Sun Temple as well as a house for young women who served as priestesses. This building is a well maintained, partially rebuilt large compound. On the Pachacamac tour, our guide will show us around temples from different pre-colonial civilizations and in the brand new Pachacamac museum, where we will discover the history and artifacts of the different cultures that used to occupy this sanctuary.Authentic Peruvian Handicrafts - Visit to Artisans’ WorkshopsAfter the Pachacamac tour, we head to a close-by local neighborhood that houses many artisans from Ayacucho who fled the violence of the Shining Path in the 80’s and 90’s by moving to the outskirts of Lima. We first have lunch with a charming local family in their house and share some life stories and conversations. In this neighborhood, local artisans continue to make the traditional handicrafts and artworks from Ayacucho. With a full stomach, we visit workshops where they make textiles, ceramics and other beautiful handicrafts. The artists will explain to us how everything is made, and maybe we can try out some of these techniques ourselves! In a place where the government is mostly absent, these people have built their own community and are developing the local economy with their art. You’ll leave this place very inspired! You should be back in Miraflores around 4:30 - 5pm, depending on traffic.

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Pachacmac Ruins Tour, El Paso Horse Show

You will spend the first portion of your tour visiting Lima's largest pre-Colombian archaeological site, the Ruins at Pachacamac. The complex, which extends for over 500 hectares, was once a very significant ceremonial site for the late Incan Empire. As you tour with a local guide you will have the opportunity to stretch out your legs a bit with a 20-30 minute hike up to the Temple of the Sun; allowing for some breath taking views of the Lurín Valley and Pacific Ocean below (for those who prefer a tour with minimal walking we can skip the walk and view the temple from the private transportation). Following your visit to the ruins at Pachacamac, you will head over to one of the neighboring Haciendas. As you enjoy a fantastic show combining demonstrations of the dancing Peruvian El Paso Horse as well as folkloric dances, you'll enjoy a traditional pisco sour and appetizers. After the show you will be getting a typical sombrero and you can enjoy the exciting opportunity to mount your own El Paso horse for a short ride and a very memorable souvenir photo.For the final portion of this tour you will find yourself sitting among the beautiful surroundings of the Hacienda as you enjoy a lunch buffet consisting of fresh local  dishes.