National Park in Oxapampa

Parque Nacional Yanachaga-Chemillén

North of Oxapampa rear the cloud-capped hills of this little-visited park, preserving spectacular cloud forest and diverse flora and fauna, including the rare spectacled bear. The most accessible entrance is from a …
Village in Oxapampa


The inexorably Germanic Pozuzo, three hours north of Oxapampa by daily minibus, is picturebook Tyrolean, from the architecture to the residents, straight out of a Grimms fairy tale (well almost). Its pretty plaza re…
Museum in Oxapampa

Museo Schafferer

One of Pozuzo's most typically Tyrolean buildings, wood-panelled and with a steeply pitched roof, contains the intriguing history of the Germanic adventurers (OK, there were a few Belgians too) who voyaged all the w…