Shopping in Northern Highlands

  • Shopping in Leimebamba


    This women’s artisan cooperative located on the plaza sells top-grade handicrafts and local weavings. Better than the shop, however, is the co-op's small workshop, about a five-minute walk along the road to the museum. Here, you can see the women in action and choose your own material to custom-design anything from purses to backpacks.

  • Shopping in Cajamarca

    Quesos Chugur El Tambo

    Cajamarca is known nationwide for its cheese and this place sells the best mini-wheels. Ask for a taste first. The shop also serves excellent frozen yogurt.

  • Shopping in Cajamarca

    Artesanias El Rescate

    This open-air arcade has around a dozen small shops selling handicrafts from around the region, including woven bags and ponchos.

  • Shopping in Cajamarca

    Colors & Creations

    An artisan-owned-and-run cooperative selling excellent-quality crafts near the Complejo de Belén.