Northern Highlands drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Tarapoto

La Alternativa

Like drinking in a medieval pharmacy or maybe a Tarantino film, a night out here hearkens back to a time when alcohol was literally medicine (like, for ailments, not for your emotional problems) and your local apoth…
Top Choice Bar in Cajamarca


For an intimate local experience, head to this hole-in-the-wall dive bar run by eccentric local musician Jaime Valera, who has managed to cultivate a heap of charisma in such a small space. He sings his heart out wi…
Top Choice Bar in Chachapoyas

La Reina

An artsy spot to lubricate your mind very cheaply on exotic fruit drinks and Amazonian liqueurs by the shot (S1.50) or the jar (from S18). The 11 options include mora (blackberry), the most popular; maracuyá (passio…
Bar in Tarapoto

Stonewasi Taberna

Pretenders come and go, but this local institution is still the place to see and be seen in Tarapoto. Recycled sewing tables street-side are chock-full of punters, mototaxi drivers and the town’s à la mode crowd thr…
Bar in Celendín

Tiesto Café Bar

Celendín has sprouted a bit of trendy nightlife with this slick little bar, best visited for its multicolored cocktails including the ubiquitous pisco sours. On weekend evenings DJs spin ambient sounds and the local…
Juice Bar in Tarapoto

La Fruta Madre

If you're off the alcohol, pursuing some weird jungle cleansing diet or just love fruity smoothies with empanadas thrown in for good measure, park yourself on one of the fruit-colored chairs at this healthy nook and…
Bar in Cajamarca


Find a spot to down your pisco sours in one of the rooms full of vintage furniture upstairs, then head down to the courtyard to hit the dance floor in this atmospheric bar right by Belén. The affiliated small bar ne…
Bar in Chachapoyas

Los Troncos

This Chachapoyas version of a dive bar really is a dive with worn plastic seats, musty aromas and bar staff who may or may not look up when you walk in. Good for cheap shots and loud music.