Top Choice Museum in Leimebamba

Museo Leimebamba

The mummies found at Laguna de los Cóndores are housed in the Museo Leimebamba, 3km south of town. The museum is owned by the local community and is housed in a wonderfully constructed complex with multitiered roofs…
Historic Building in Cajamarca

El Complejo de Belén

Construction of this sprawling colonial complex, church and hospital, made entirely from volcanic rock, occurred between 1627 and 1774. The hospital was run by nuns and 31 tiny, cell-like bedrooms line the walls of …
Ruins in Cajamarca

El Cuarto del Rescate

The Ransom Chamber, the only Inca building still standing in Cajamarca, is where Inca ruler Atahualpa was imprisoned. The small room has three trapezoidal doorways and a few similarly shaped niches in the inner wall…
Church in Cajamarca

Iglesia de San Francisco

Inside Iglesia de San Francisco you'll find elaborate stone carvings and decadent altars. Visit the church’s Museo de Arte Religioso (Religious Art Museum) to see 17th-century religious paintings by indigenous artis…
Museum in Tarapoto

Museo Regional

This tiny museum next to the university has archaeological pieces from around the region.
in Cajamarca

Museo Arqueológico

This small, university-run museum is worth visiting; just knock on the door to enter. Its varied ceramics collection includes a few examples of pots from the Cajamarca culture and an unusual collection of ceremonial…
Cathedral in Cajamarca

Catedral de Cajamarca

The Catedral de Cajamarca is a squat building that was begun in the late 17th century and only recently finished. Like most of Cajamarca’s churches, this cathedral has no belfry. This is because the Spanish Crown le…
Viewpoint in Cajamarca

Cerro Santa Apolonia

This garden-covered viewpoint, overlooking the city from the southwest, is a prominent Cajamarca landmark. It is easily reached by climbing the stairs at the end of Calle 2 de Mayo and following the path that spiral…
Museum in Chachapoyas

Instituto Nacional de Cultura Museo

This small museum on the plaza houses mummies found throughout the region, plus ceramics from several pre-Columbian periods and one of the original sarcophagi from Karajía.
in Leimebamba


Kentikafé, just a short stroll across the street and up the hill, is owned by an Austrian member of the team that built the museum. Perched on a hill with views of the museum and valley below, Kentikafé maintains ab…