Top things to do

Top Choice Peruvian in Huanchaco

Restaurant Big Ben

This sophisticated seafooder at the far north end of town specializes in lunchtime ceviches (S39 to S46) and is the best in town for top-notch seafood. Though ceviche is the main draw, the menu is also heavy on fres…
Top Choice Cafe in Piura


The real deal. This modern cafe offers gourmet sandwiches and salads that are great for lunch (though it’s shockingly empty). There’s more sophisticated fare for a fine night out with a bottle of wine at dinner.
Top Choice Museum in Lambayeque

Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán

Opened in November 2002, the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipán is the pride of northern Peru – as well it should be. With its burgundy pyramid construction rising gently out of the earth, it’s a world-class facilit…
Top Choice Peruvian in Trujillo

El Celler de Cler

This atmospheric spot is the only place in Trujillo to enjoy dinner (coupled with an amazing cocktail) on a second-floor balcony; the wrap-around number dates to the early 1800s. The food is upscale, featuring pasta…
Top Choice Peruvian in Máncora

La Sirena d’Juan

Local boy done good, Juan has turned his intimate little main drag seafooder into northern Peru’s best restaurant. Yellowfin tuna fresh from Máncora’s waters is the showstopper here, whether it’s prepared as a tirad…
Top Choice Peruvian in Chiclayo

Cafe 900

Live music, slowly spinning ceiling fans, exposed wood and adobe that connect you with the elements are the hallmarks of the best bar-slash-cafe-slash-restaurant in Chiclayo. It's certainly tops on ambiance, and the…
Chinese in Trujillo

Chifa Ah Chau

Chifa Ah Chau . This is a funky, faded but fun place with individual private curtained booths and genuine Chinese food. Portions are elephantine - order to share.
Desserts in Trujillo

Diet Light

This perennially busy place serves not-very-diet, but yummy nonetheless, ice cream (S2 to S5) and whopping servings of mixed fruit (S3) – with ice cream.
Peruvian in Trujillo

El Mochica

Industrially hygienic and scattered with bits of art to take the edge off, this place has a variety of midpriced steaks and seafood, as well as cheaper local dishes. There’s a snug salón de té (tea room) next door.
Barbecue in Trujillo

El Uruguayo

Vegetarians might want to make a wide berth around this place. Located a S3 taxi ride south of town, little El Uruguayo serves up delicious barbecued meat to a nightly crowd of salivating in-the-know patrons. A mass…