Best restaurants in North Coast

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Trujillo

    Mar Picante

    This hugely popular place has recently undergone an overhaul and is now all polished concrete and industrial metal beams, but the food remains outrageously good. If you come to Trujillo without sampling its ceviche mixto (mixed ceviche) ordered with a side of something spicy, you haven’t lived life on the edge.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Huanchaco

    Restaurante Mococho

    This tiny place sits secluded in a walled garden where the legend of chef don Victor is carried on by his widow and son, Wen. It’s not cheap, but it’s fresh and excellent. The specialty is steamed whole fish in sauce, which is big enough to serve three. Come early – it closes once the fresh fish runs out.

  • Restaurants in Chiclayo

    Fiesta Chiclayo Gourmet

    Few things are as satisfying as scraping those last bits of slightly charred rice off the bottom of an iron-clad pan and savoring all that’s great about a rice dish such as arroz con pato a la chiclayana, made here with farm-raised duck that must be a black-feathered quacker not a day over three months of age.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Trujillo

    El Celler de Cler

    This atmospheric spot is the only place in Trujillo to enjoy dinner (coupled with an amazing cocktail) on a 2nd-floor balcony – the wraparound number dates to the early 19th century. The food is upscale, featuring pasta and grills, and delicious. Antiques fuel the decor, from a 1950s-era American cash register to an extraordinary industrial-revolution pulley lamp from the UK.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Máncora

    Donde Teresa

    Before Gastón Acurio there was Teresa Ocampo, Peru’s most recognizable celebrity chef (famous before Peruvian food was even famous). She lives in Texas now, but her son, Javier, keeps the dream alive with gourmet takes on Peruvian classics served overlooking Los Pocitas Beach.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Máncora

    La Sirena d’Juan

    Local boy done good Juan has turned his intimate little main-drag seafooder into northern Peru’s best restaurant. Yellowfin tuna fresh from Máncora’s waters is the showstopper, whether it’s prepared as a tiradito (a sort of Peruvian sashimi) in yellow curry or grilled with a mango- rocoto -red pepper chutney.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Piura

    Bottega Capuccino

    The real deal. This bright, modern cafe in bustling Santa Isabel, a 10-minute taxi from the center, offers wholesome breakfasts and gourmet sandwiches and salads that are great for lunch. It also serves more sophisticated fare for a fine night out with a bottle of wine at dinner and, for caffeine freaks, one of the best espressos (S6.50) in Piura.

  • Restaurants in Chiclayo

    El Pescador

    This little locals' secret packs in the droves for outstanding seafood and regional dishes at fantastic prices. The ceviches are every bit as good as places charging double or even triple the price, and weekend specials such as cabrito con frijoles (goat with beans; Saturday) and arroz con pato (duck with rice; Sunday) are steals.

  • Restaurants in Trujillo

    Jugería San Augustín

    You can spot this place by the near-constant lines snaking around the corner in summer as locals queue for the drool-inducing juices. But don’t leave it at that. The chicken and lechón (suckling pig) sandwiches, slathered with all the fixings, are what you’ll be telling friends back home about.

  • Restaurants in Chimbote

    Mar & Luna

    This retro-pop pub cranks out the hits from the '70s, '80s and '90s, and serves up plentiful seafood favorites such as ceviche and chupe de cangrejo (crab chowder). There's a giant guitar on the ceiling that pays tribute to Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and rock posters throughout. It's probably the liveliest spot in town and has good ocean views.

  • Restaurants in Piura

    La Tomasita

    This excellent restaurant looks unremarkable from the outside, but the interior is set up like a traditional country house, complete with adobe walls, palm ceilings and knickknacks on the walls that, along with the music, help create a wonderful atmosphere. The traditional dishes from throughout the region are no letdown, either. A fine place to try Piurana cuisine.

  • Restaurants in Máncora

    Green Eggs & Ham

    There’s nothing silly about this Dr Seuss–inspired breakfast spot, which counts a battalion of gringo fans for its homesick-remedy breakfasts (pancakes, French toast, hash browns). Yes, you'll like them Sam I Am, but the real coup is the 2nd-floor patio – with a view through a thatch of tall palms to the crashing waves.

  • Restaurants in Piura

    Snack Bar Romano

    With an excellent list of several daily menús (set meals), this local favorite has been around as long as its middle-aged waiters. It gets the double thumbs-up for ceviches, sudados (traditional slow-cooked meats in sauce) and other local specialties. Great ambience, great value.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Chiclayo

    Cafe 900

    Live music, slowly spinning ceiling fans, exposed wood and adobe that connects you with the elements are the hallmarks of the best bar-cafe-restaurant in Chiclayo. It's certainly tops on ambience, and the food is simple, direct, unpretentious and affordable.

  • Restaurants in Lambayeque

    El Cantaro

    There is often a line outside this popular local restaurant with fantastic typical food and good service. When we were there one diner said that the sudado de pescado (whole fish stew) was the best dish he’d had in all of South America.

  • Restaurants in Huanchaco

    Umi Sushi

    Many of Huanchaco's better restaurants close early, but fortunately this great little sushi place, tucked away on a quiet road at the southern end of town, is here to cater to visitors looking for something different. It serves gourmet makis with a Peruvian twist – try the Spicy Kani made with avocado and shrimp covered in crab sauce.

  • Restaurants in Trujillo

    El Mochica

    With bow-tied waiters and art scattered throughout, this place is aiming for high end, but the fancy seat covers and tablecloths thrown over plastic tables with cardboard taped to the bottom make it feel like a cut-priced wedding reception. But locals love it for the big plates of steaks, seafood and traditional dishes, which are indeed fairly tasty.

  • Restaurants in Trujillo

    Restaurant Demarco

    An elegant choice, with veteran cummerbund-bound waiters who fawn over you like in the 1940s, this tableclothed classic offers a long list of sophisticated meat and seafood dishes, along with good-value lunch specials (S13.50 to S18.50) and pizzas.

  • Restaurants in Chiclayo

    Restaurant Romana

    This popular place serves a bunch of different dishes, all of them local favorites. If you’re feeling brave, try the chirimpico for breakfast – it’s stewed goat tripe and organs and is guaranteed to either cure a hangover or give you one.

  • Restaurants in Trujillo

    Casona Deza

    Expect excellent espresso, house-made desserts and tasty pizzas and pasta, often sourced organically, at this spacious, atmospheric cafe that occupies one of the city’s most fiercely preserved colonial homes.