• Chan Chan Wandering the high-walled adobe ruins and marveling at 700-year-old friezes.
  • Máncora Indulging in sun, surf and sand in Peru’s premier beachside hot spot.
  • Huaca de la Luna Discovering hidden messages in the colorful walls of one of the north's most fascinating archaeological complexes.
  • Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán Ogling the vast wealth of once-buried booty at the North Coast's best museum.
  • Playa Lobitos Dragging your board up the coast in search of that elusive perfect swell.
  • Trujillo Getting to know the friendly locals and showing off your dance moves at some of the north's best bars.
  • Restaurante Big Ben Finding ceviche salvation in the coastal desert.
  • Reserva Ecológica Chaparrí Settling in on a search for the elusive South American spectacled bear at this rustic nature reserve.