Peru drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Cuzco

Museo del Pisco

When you've had your fill of colonial religious art, investigate this pisco museum, where the wonders of the national drink are extolled, exalted and – of course – sampled. Opened by an enthusiastic expat, this muse…
Top Choice Bar in Tarapoto

La Alternativa

Like drinking in a medieval pharmacy or maybe a Tarantino film, a night out here hearkens back to a time when alcohol was literally medicine (like, for ailments, not for your emotional problems) and your local apoth…
Top Choice Bar in Huaraz

Los 13 Buhos

Halfway up some monstrous Andean pass with a 15kg pack on your back, it's not uncommon to start dreaming of 13 Buhos with its Luchos craft beer, pool table and delectable afternoon ‘snacks’ (waffles anyone?).
Top Choice Bar in Lima

Museo del Pisco

The 'educational' aspect of this wonderful bar might get you in the door, but it's the congenial atmosphere and outstanding original cocktails that will keep you here. We loved the asu mare – a pisco martini with gi…
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Lima


This chic mansion with themed rooms and a gorgeous patio is Barranco's newest hot spot. You know those locales that are described not as a place but a feeling, perhaps like hugging a friend? That's Dada. Come well d…
Top Choice Bar in Trujillo

El Tragsu

This popular place south of the center is one of the best pubs in Peru, with a classic themed front room complete with elf decorations and an elegant wooden bar for those who want to converse. There's also a steamy …
Top Choice Rooftop Bar in Cuzco


Billed as the best view in Cuzco, it's all that (even after climbing to the top of San Blas). Don't worry, if you come during peak hours you'll have plenty of time to catch your breath while you queue to get in. Wit…
Top Choice Bar in Cajamarca


For an intimate local experience, head to this hole-in-the-wall dive bar run by eccentric local musician Jaime Valera, who has managed to cultivate a heap of charisma in such a small space. He sings his heart out wi…
Top Choice Bar in Chachapoyas

La Reina

An artsy spot to lubricate your mind very cheaply on exotic fruit drinks and Amazonian liqueurs by the shot (S1.50) or the jar (from S18). The 11 options include mora (blackberry), the most popular; maracuyá (passio…
Top Choice Microbrewery in Arequipa

Chelawasi Public House

Arequipa's first craft-beer bar is a modern but unpretentious pub in the village-like San Lázaro area. The burgers, wings and hand-cut fries are excellent for pacing yourself. New to craft beer? Chelawasi's friendly…