Getting There & Away

Nazca is a major destination for buses on the Panamericana Sur and is easy to get to from Lima, Ica or Arequipa. Bus companies cluster at the west end of Calle Lima, near the óvalo (main roundabout) and about a block towards town on the same street. Buses to Arequipa generally originate in Lima, and to get a seat you have to pay the Lima fare.

Most long-distance services leave in the late afternoon or evening. Cruz del Sur and Ormeño have a few luxury buses daily to Lima. Intermediate points such as Ica and Pisco are more speedily served by smaller, económico (cheap) bus companies, such as Flores and Soyuz, which run buses to Ica every half-hour from Av Los Incas. These buses will also drop you at Palpa (S3, one hour).

To go direct to Cuzco, several companies, including Cruz del Sur, take the paved road east via Abancay. This route climbs over 4000m and gets very cold, so wear your warmest clothes and bring your sleeping bag on board if you have one. Alternatively, some companies also offer direct buses to Cuzco via Arequipa.

For Ica, fast colectivos (S15, two hours) and slower minibuses leave when full from near the gas station on the óvalo. On the south side of the main roundabout, antiquated colectivos wait for enough passengers to make the run down to Chala (S15, 2½ hours).

A taxi from central Nazca to the airport, 4km away, costs about S4.