Stand down all other pretenders. Cerro Blanco, 14km east of Nazca, is the highest sand dune in Peru and one of the tallest in the world: 2078m above sea level and – more importantly – 1176m from base to summit, that’s higher than the tallest mountain in England and numerous other countries. If Huacachina’s sand didn’t irrevocably ruin your underwear, this could be your bag.

Due to the dune’s height and steepness it’s best to organize an excursion from Nazca. Trips leave at about 4am to avoid the intense heat. The arduous climb to the top of the dune (buggies can’t climb this behemoth) takes approximately three hours. Going down is counted more in minutes with some clear runs of up to 800m. Many agencies in Nazca offer this trip, including Kunan Tours.